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Limited Edition Print: Mars | Believing is Seeing | Azazel


10” x 19” Hand Embellished Archival Print

Each of the pieces in this series represents a working on a specific planet, an incantation in the language of the celestial sphere at attention. Mars is always a tumultuous energy to invoke as it represents the masculine side of the force, a volatile and explosive energy that is raw enthusiasm for exploration and expansion. In our time this energy has come under scrutiny and is desperately in need of a perspective shift to reintegrate it healthily back into the wheel of creation.

To achieve this effect I have chosen to illustrate the subject as a female figure rather than a male, though in full truth my mind is playing with the idea of divine androgyny more than the female / male dichotomy. To me it is the feminine that gives purpose to the seemingly needless explorations of the masculine. While we speculate about the necessity of deep space exploration or the colonization of mars, there are those pioneers who push forward without reason further into the unknown. ‘Believing is Seeing’ offers a solution to the endless expansion of knowledge through metamorphosis. It shows that there is a purpose, a destination we are headed toward which once hit will turn in on itself and serve humanity rather than take it farther from itself.

To me this is found in a union of opposites, inner and outer space, reality and virtual reality. The character in this piece represents a new form of humanity, an evolutionary leap similar to the process of metamorphosis, where human beings become the colorful and air borne versions of ourselves we were always meant to be. The world in this piece represents a not too distant future where tech and nature merge, and humans begin inhabiting multiple dimensions simultaneously. Matter becomes ‘smart matter’ (it arguably always has been just lacking the realization) and the entire universe becomes a living entity we co create along side with through direct communication via technology.

It is in many ways the dawn of angelic allegiance on earth, the birth of humanity into something entirely new that is in harmony with its environment and in line with divine order. Fallen no more, together we rise.