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Origin - Book of Initiation


Origin is a limited edition hand made book, a collaborative vision between artist Adam One and poet Lou Jeannot.

The book contains 24 high quality hand embellished prints, each paired with it's own ekphrastic poem exploring a different perspective of the same imagery. The pieces were completed in a true collaborative manner, with artist influencing poet and poet influencing artist. Lou and Adam found inspiration in one another's symbolism and incorporated common ideas into their own work intentionally. The pieces all explore a common theme, and tell a narrative from start to finish. The book is a sequential tale of exploration, a pilgrimage of the mind into the spiritual; the philosophical.

Each book is hand bound in lamb skin, with laser cut wood covers, and high quality pages hand detailed with gold paint. Only 40 will ever be made. Each will be personally addressed, signed and numbered. Please specify the name you would like written inside the book on your order form.